All partners ran a Food Event in their country as part of the LEGOCIE project. The aim of this was partly to disseminate the aims of the project, but also to allow local people to become more aware of their food heritage and to develop their interest in cooking and healthy eating.

The range and variety of Food events created through the LEGOCIE project was astonishing, ranging from a large regional food fair in Cyprus to teaching children how to cook as part of a "Summer University" in Slovakia.

Many of the events were themselves cross cultural; for example, in Italy, Bulgarian and Italian students worked together to create healthy food. In Romania the event was cross generational, and the Greek organisation ran a cooking workshop for people with disabilities in London!

Lithuanian held a cooking event to try and develop a healthy "Zeppelin", the national dish of Lithuania. The Irish held a Family Event featuring organic, spit roasted lamb, and the English held a cooking day to teach Dads how to cook for their families.

Turkey held an outdoor cooking workshop in a local restaurant, while in Portugal the LEGOCIE project fired up a huge interest in healthy eating in a group of local schools, and cooking workshops and talks from a dietician were held.

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