Partner's decription: 

Consumer Education Forum (CEF) is a non-profit organization that aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and
skills that everyone needs in order to live in a consumer society. CEF activities' benefit for individual consumers is defined in
terms that consumer education:
- Encourages critical thinking which helps the consumer to act rationally and productively within the market;
- Introduces consuming skills which help to ensure success in everyday life;
- Encourages consumers’ self-esteem and independency;
- Raises universally recognized values (responsibility, sparing, cautiousness, purposefulness, cultural traditions,
conscientiousness etc.)
- Improves the quality of life (health – consuming of safe products preserves good health, etc.).
CEF focuses activities on: making researches; providing education seminars and lectures; creating educational and
informational materials to people from different social groups in order to develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills
that a person needs while living in a consumer society. They are educated to make thoughtful decisions, and to process
and understand information that is necessary for them.
The main aspects in our activities that we focus on are:
- Citizenship;
- Non formal education in Lithuania;
- Sustainable consumption area;
- The consumer rights in the democratic society;
- An implementation of educational methods in the system of non formal education.
Our part in this project will be to research healthy eating in Lithuania along with ways in which the development of cooking
skills and abilities could contribute to increasing this, and both sharing this with our EU partners and learning from their
experiences, before disseminating the results to our network of food related organisations in Lithuania.