Partner's decription: 

Established in 2007, RESTART is an NGO specialising in adult education. We have experience in various social projects,
usually funded by grants. Our main areas of focus are:
-Language skills
-Computer skills
-Personality development
-After school children’s activities
-Human resources methodology and materials creation
With a team of experienced educators, we have prepared various training materials and activities for specific target-groups.
RESTART has worked with experts in career counselling, lecturers and regional authorities. From our work we have earned
Slovak Ministry of Education accreditation (no. 2667). Below is a sample of the projects we have executed using the above
mentioned expertise:
"On the European Wave" - Leonardo Mobility PLM to UK and Italy for 10-11 weeks in the period 2012-2014 - 30 participants
"Getting closer to the customer by further education" - Language courses, computer courses and personal development of
the managers in the Faculty Hospital Martin, Martin Labour office (ÚPSVaR) and Orgniazation Samaritan - 105 clients
"Dance against the drugs" - Project aimed to mobilize young people, fill leisure time meaningfully with dancing and
encourage new talent - 20 clients
"The community plan of social services in the Turiec region" – Processing the strategy of social services, the finalization of a
final document for LPSI Turiec.
"The development of computer skills" - A course designed for the unemployed in Ruzomberok - 15 participants
"Linguistic and socio-cultural preparation in the English language" - A course designed for participants of Leonardo da Vinci
Mobility - 15 participants
In this project, RESTART will:
-Prepare research and analysis regarding the project topics
-Work towards creation of the project results and outcomes
-Prepare project implementation in Slovakia
-Spread the message of healthy cooking among local schools, parent groups, seniors and community groups etc.
In summary, our role in this project will be to discover and report on the way in which cooking skills are encouraged in
Slovakia, and the contribution that these have on healthy eating and diet, and also to disseminate the results and outcomes
widely in our country.