Most Sas

Partner's decription: 

Based in Piemonte Region (Italy) on Lake Maggiore, we are specialised in mobility and exchange projects. We are offering
training and logistic support for professionals in the field of tourism, rural tourism, Italian cuisine, organic agriculture, sport
and leisure. We work with partner organisations from different EU countries.
Our mission is to help learners build upon previous experiences and learn from best practices. We organize seminars, study
tours and training practice within Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig programmes. The target is learners from different EU
countries, some from disadvantaged groups: unemployed, special needs learners, minorities.
We have a multinational team of trainers and consultants, with more than 15 years of experience in European projects in
the field of training. We use non-formal methods of training, which have proved to be very efficient in adult education.
Sport, cultural activities and cooking etc. are an integral part of our projects.
In 2011 we organized training in Italian cuisine for 20 professional cooks from Bulgaria for 3 weeks (EU project). In 2010
we organized tasting of typical food from 5 EU countries within a Grundtvig workshop in Varese. In 2012 we will be hosting
partner for two projects related to food: one in the field of biological agriculture and the other in rural tourism with a focus
on typical food preparation.
In our projects cooking is a tool of communication among people from different cultures, a tool for sharing common
European values: healthy lifestyle, tradition, concern about the environment, dialogue among generations.
Most Sas is highly motivated to participate in the project. A proper place for cooking will be provided. We will appoint 2
coordinators: Maria Barui, a professional cook with 25 years of experience, will be responsible for the practical activities;
another coordinator will deal with logistic support: hotel booking, transfer from /to the airport, cultural visits. The company
manager will monitor the implementation of the program of activities in Italy.
Most Sas will disseminate projects results
- in Italy through the partner organisations (other common projects) - UISP committes in Varese, Genoa and North of Turin
part of a large UISP network
- in East and Central Europe through a network of partners: schools and NGOs in joint projects
- at European level - at the MOVE and Sportvision conferences (Most Sas company manager, Lucia Veleva is participant and