Miranda de Corvo

Partner's decription: 

We are the head school of a group of schools working together named Agrupamento de Escolas de Miranda do Corvo near
Coimbra. Coimbra is a very important city in Portugal due to its University (One of the oldest Universities in Europe) and
students’ traditions. Although our school isn’t situated in a disadvantaged socio-economic environment, we have students
who come from poor families living in rural areas.
We have pupils at risk of social exclusion who live in a social institution but fortunately they are very well integrated with
the rest of the pupils who belong to traditional families. In fact our school is highly concerned with the future of these
students and offers vocational courses to provide training which enables them to gain job entry skills and the tools needed
for life long learning, as well as adult education courses to people who have completed their compulsory education and
wish to find a second chance.
We also have pupils with special needs to whom we provide special educational support. Our part in this project will be to
research healthy eating in Portugal along with ways in which the development of cooking skills and abilities could contribute
to increasing this, and both sharing this with our EU partners and learning from their experiences, before disseminating the
results to organisations in Portugal.