Food Event in Newcastle

Sunday 2nd February 2014
Foodevent description: 

Accentuate UK ran a cooking workshop for dads in partnership with Blackfriars restuarant in Newcastle. The dads were recruited through the Blackfriars website, with a call for "ccok shy" dads to come and learn how to cook a healthy meal for their families. Andy Hook, the owner and chef at Blackfriars led a cooking workshop on the morning of Sunday 2nd February. He was supported by Sarah Binns form Accentuate. Andy demonstrated how to make a traditional Cottage Pie, with kale as an accompaniment, and Sarah demonstrated a Mixed Fruit Crumble. The group of seven dads all cooked their own Cottage Pies and Crumbles, which they then served to their families, who had been invited in for a 1,00pm lunch. The meal was served in the stunning banqueting hall at Blackfriars, and was declared a resounding success both by the delegates and their well fed families!