Cigarette pastry with cheese


Cigarette börek is usually served as a side dish or starter . It is also served as snack between meals with tea, as appetizer on buffets, cocktail parties and luncheons. Cigarette böreks are kept in refrigerator or frozen before frying. Fresh chopped dill can be used with parsley.


350g yufka or filo pastry

300g soft white cheese

A bunch of flat leaf parsley

175ml olive oil (with a little extra to allow for absorption during cooking)


1. Lay two layers of yufka or filo pastry on top of another. Cut into 24 wedges. Set aside.

2. For the fılling: mash the white cheese with a fork. Combine with the finely chopped parsley and mix together.

3. Divide the filling into 24 portions. Place a portion of fılling on the wide side of each wedge of pastry. Fold 2 corners inwards, slightly over the fılling.

4. Now roll the filled wedge up into the shape of cigarette. Dip the tip of layer in water to seal.

5. Deep fry in heated oil until lightly browned. Drain on some paper towel and serve warm or cold.

healthy alternative: 

Ground meat ,spinach or potato fıllings can be used.

In some provinces cigarette börek is brushed with oil and baked. This would be a very healthy alternative.