“Tinginys” Lazy Pudding!


Tinginys is a popular dessert in Lithuania. The dish is typically prepared with biscuits or crackers, cocoa, butter, sugar and solidified milk.

There is legend about how this dessert was created: in 1967 a woman accidentally created the recipe; she tried to cook chocolate but added too much sugar, which liquefied the mixture into a syrup. To remedy this, the woman tried to make the flavour less strong by adding some biscuits, so she broke them into pieces, mixed them with the syrup and when it cooled, the first Tinginys was created.

Later modifications occurred, such as letting the mixture cool down and rolling it on a plastic bag, and then cutting it into pieces. People decided to call it "lazy" because it was very easy and quick to prepare.


200g Cookies (digestive)
200g Condensed sweetened milk
100g Butter
75g Dark or milk chocolate


1. Crumble the cookies (not too finely but also do not leave very big pieces).
2. Put the condensed milk, butter and chocolate into a saucepan, place it on low heat and stir well until the mixture boils.
3. Then put the cookie crumbles into a bowl, pour over the hot mixture and stir very well. Allow to cool.
4. After the Tinginys has cooled down a little, put in onto cling film, wrap it tightly and put to the fridge to set over night.
5. Cot slices to serve.

healthy alternative: 

You can put nuts or dried fruit (just reduce the amount of cookies accordingly) into the dessert. Chocolate is also optional, just in that case amount of butter and condensed milk has to be increased.

For this recipe oat meal cookies might be used. These are small alterations to such an originally fatty, sweet and thick dessert but eating gorgeous home made food without any synthetic additives and preservatives with the ones you love is healthy enough!